Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Me on Traffic

Bangalore traffic - two words that sends horrendous shivers down any resident's spine. Mindnumbing jams, an inability to judge how long it will ever take to move from point to point (as it changes every day) are a normal part of every Bangaloreans lifestyle.

It's quite funny in many ways. Every single day I go from home to office, and it almost never takes the same amount of time!Some days I am over half an hour early, and some days I make it just in time. The reason behind this is mystical. I'm sure that on the route from home to office between 8-9 its the same people everyday who are moving in the same direction. So what happens to change the time it takes? Is it one single external factor - a new truck driver who gets stuck somewhere? Is it someone's frustration who one day is in a hurry and breaks a red light, jamming the junction for ages ? Why is it so complicated? Are we all so uneducated? If we are able to learn how to drive, and get a license (albeit under often slightly questionable circumstances) , why cant we do things such as "practice lane driving". After all, ants do!!

The tragedy is that I feel very passionately about this, and I used to be very strict in following rules such as show my indicator to switch lanes, stick to the right lane, stop for yellow lights. But I can see myself slowly going towards the either side of the spectrum, wherein I am not always 100% rule adhering! I really don't want to fall into that group!!! I've seen recently many incentives which might help me, and other kooks like me, stay on the right path (no pun intended!). So, do have a look - it might just help us look forward to our daily drives!


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