Thursday, December 18, 2008

Filter coffee

South Indian Filter coffee

I will laugh in your face if you think Nescafe is good. I will laugh even harder if you go to Barista or Coffeeday for your daily dose of caffeine. And finally, I will roll on the floor with laughter if you actually enjoy the coffee that comes out of the corner machine at your office.

You must have never had good ol fashioned filter coffee - served in a steel cup. If you haven't, please do come home, you are missing out on something truly amazing. I've met many foreigners who dare to sample the filter coffee, and unfortunately, can't handle it. Yes, too many cups do a stomach ache make! Why? Because its pure! No adulterated beans for us down south! I've always found it interesting how South Indians drink coffee all day whereas North Indians drink tea all day. One never need directly ask where a newcomer is from. We can just ask , Coffee ya Chai? Enough of a background check!

Now I do understand that we can't all sit and make filter coffee at home all day. Anyone who wants to give it a try is sure to get great samples at many of the popular small darshinis in Bangalore. Some of my favourites include Brahmins (famous for its idly vada chutney) in Chamrajpet, behind ShankarMatt and SN in JP Nagar. These are small places where you will get your coffee piping hot in a steel cup and saucer. I love pouring my coffee in and out of the saucer to cool it down. Then it feels ready to drink!

If you want somewhere a little nicer where you can sit peacefully and drink it in some style, I would suggest Kalmane coffees. They have a great variety of filter coffees with a few add-ons such as cinnamon (A must try!) .

Now I must go find for myself some filter coffee!

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