Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To blog or not to blog

So blogging seems to have hit the world in a huge way. Some blogs actually have practically a cult following. It's crazy. I've seen some of the really popular blogs, and I'm not really sure what they write about, but it seems to work for their followers. I suppose the same can be said about books. You never know what qualifies as a best seller, and what it is that appeals to the masses. It's something worth an analysis in fact! I've heard that blogging is truly an art and I must agree. Anyone can write a bunch of nonsense and post it on a site. But not anyone can write something somebody else looks forward to reading. And if thats not an art I'm not sure what is. Its interesting though how fast our mediums are changing. From real books to e-books, from editorial columns in papers to online blogs.

Imagine what would happen if the internet just stopped working some day. Would we be able to go back to our "hard copies" and "snail mail" or just sit stunned until the net is back? I can't remember the last time I went to a post office or bought a stamp. Must be eons ago. I mean even if I sent something who would bother looking at it? I almost never get any mail except from banks,etc, so I pretty much assume the rest of my mail , even if genuine, must be junk. So oops and sorry to anyone who sent me a letter or a postcard recently, thats the reason I never replied!

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